Two Pots Farm

Welcome to Two Pots Farm

Welcome to Two Pots Farm

Normal opening times: 08:30 am - 6:00 pm. Winter opening times: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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We keep a range of competitively priced animal housing, animal feed, and bedding in stock. Come in and see us.

Animal Housing

We supply quality and affordable poultry, livestock, and pet housing that has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of smallholders, poultry hobbyists, and pet owners. Our animal housing is British-made, using timber sourced from...
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Animal Feed

Two Pots Farm: Animal Feed (Livestock, Poultry & Pets) Our Typical Stock Items Can’t see what you want?  This list is not exhaustive, and we are always happy to try to accommodate your specific requirements. Call us...
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Bedding & Equipment

Animal Bedding We can stock and supply a range of bedding suitable for small family pets (like guinea-pigs) through to equine bedding.   Horses General       Megazorb Wood Pulp Snowflake Softchip Bedmax Shavings...
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Chickens (& Eggs) for Sale

Chickens for Sale Availability in 2023: Due to the current bird flu epidemic our breeding pairs are limited to Watermael and Gold Partridge Dutch.  We don’t just keep chickens on the farm – we breed...
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Featured Products

Highlights of new/unusual/limited availability products, and news about chicken/egg availability.

2023 Update: Housing Prices

Animal Housing Prices: 2023 Update Due to the volatile international materials market, there is considerable variability in the basic cost for raw materials for our...
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Herbal Poultry Feed Now Available

Bearts Herbal Poultry Feed: Traditional Coarse Mash We now stock Bearts Traditional Herbal Poultry Feed, which is a traditional coarse layers mash with herb additives. This is a 16%...
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Chicks for Sale (July 2020)

Silver Spangled Hamburghs and Gold Dutch Bantams We have a few Silver Spangled Hamburgh chicks of various ages that are ready for new homes. If...
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Silver Spangled Hamburghs For Sale

Silver Spangled Hamburghs: Newly Hatched Pure Breeds In addition to our new stock of Gold Partridge Dutch bantams, we also have some new pure breed...
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Gold Partridge Dutch Bantams For Sale

Gold Partridge Dutch Bantams: Newly Hatched Pure Breeds Our incubators have been full, as we have been hatching our own eggs to produce chickens for...
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Including: Product information and reviews; our Top Tips for poultry care; notifications about our chicken and hatching egg availability; and

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