Two Pots Farm

Bedding & Equipment

Animal Bedding

We can stock and supply a range of bedding suitable for small family pets (like guinea-pigs) through to equine bedding.

Horses General      
Megazorb Wood Pulp Snowflake Softchip Animal bedding feeders and drinkers : horses
Bedmax Shavings Snowflake Shavings
ComfyBed Plus Straw
Verdo European Wood Pellets  

We understand that you might prefer a particular brand/type – contact us on 01954 210268 to discuss if we can stock it for you.

Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

Do you also need poultry feeders and drinkers?

In addition to chicken housing and feed, we stock the equipment that we use here on the farm, and can help you decide what equipment might best suit your needs. 

The feeders and drinkers are available in different sizes and styles, so please contact us for prices on 01954 210268 or 07836 587050.

Galvanised Feeders Plastic Feeders Drinkers Pheasant Feeders
Animal Bedding Feeders and Drinkers : Poultry feeders Animal bedding, feeders and drinkers : pheasant feeders

Pest Control Products

Poultry Shield

Poultry Shield : Red mite control

Mighty Organic Bedding Powder

Poultry Shield is used for control of Red Mites in poultry. We supply it as a concentrate to be diluted for spraying (using a garden pump sprayer, for example.)

Spray on dry housing surfaces (it can be sprayed with the birds in the vicinity) and re-treat after seven days. This second spraying is intended to ensure exposure throughout the life cycle of the mite.

It can be used in conjunction with Mighty Organic Bedding Powder.

Mighty Organic Bedding Powder is a diatomaceous earth product (a type of algae) that can be used to control red mite, insects, and other parasites. It is a chalky powder to be sprinkled in affected areas.

The action of diatomaceous earth is a mechanical one so it does not work by poisoning the target organism.  This means that it can be applied to the poultry house or bedding, and could have uses in direct application to the animal. 

This information must not be used in lieu of qualified veterinary advice.

Please ensure that these products are suitable for your use, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines.