Two Pots Farm

About Two Pots Farm

We are a small, traditional, second-generation family-run arable farm, who have been part of the local farming community since the 1960s. We developed an interest in keeping and breeding bantams over 20 years ago. Through our own enthusiasm for pure breed bantams and other poultry, our hobby grew into an off-shoot business for supplying chicken coops/poultry housing (and other general animal and pet housing), animal feeds, and selling our own home-bred chickens and hatching eggs.

Two Pots Bantams

Initially we focused on breeding pure breed bantams and –as Two Pots Bantams- supplied local chicken fanciers and small homesteaders/hobbyists with clean, quality, home-raised poultry (you might have visited our now retired website, We soon diversified into other classic chicken breeds for egg production and breeding stock.

Chicken Coops, Pet and Livestock Housing, and Animal Feed

As we developed relationships with our bantam and chicken customers and shared our own experience and tips with them, we were happy to recommend the housing and products we use ourselves at the farm. We were often chicken coopsasked if we could also supply similar chicken coops (and other poultry housing) and the various consumables and equipment we use that are necessary for the care and husbandry of chickens. Soon we became a one-stop-shop, stocking reasonably-priced, quality animal housing (chicken coops, poultry sheds, pens, kennels, hutches, field shelters), bedding, animal feed, and poultry equipment.

Our experience of many different makes of poultry housing meant that we were consistently recommending one make of animal housing: Littleacre Products. Consequently, we forged a relationship with the manufacturer and are now their local agents.

Community-Based Family Business

It’s important to us that we take a traditional approach to doing business with our local community: we talk to our customers.

In an age where online businesses are so accessible and convenient it is hardly surprising that we find ourselves making so many of our purchases via impersonal websites. We can browse, select, purchase, and have delivered items that we haven’t even had the opportunity to view and touch, and while that can save us all some time, at Two Pots Farm we wanted to offer good, old-fashioned face-to-face service.

At Two Pots we have our stock assembled and displayed for our customers to view the old-fashioned way, so you can make an informed purchase. We are on-hand to offer advice and tips, or to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Chicken Greeters

We enjoy meeting people from our local community. If you want to come in and see us (whether you want to come in for a bag of food or to look at chicken coops), feel free to bring the children along to see the chickens and the geese while we attend to your purchase.

We look forward to seeing you soon.