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Animal Feed

Two Pots Farm: Animal Feed (Livestock, Poultry & Pets)

Our Typical Stock Items

Can’t see what you want?  This list is not exhaustive, and we are always happy to try to accommodate your specific requirements.

Call us on 01954 210268 or 07836 587050.

Poultry Feed Wild Bird Food Bird Food Dog Food Horse Feed
NEW: Traditional Herbal Coarse Layers Mash (a complete feed for chickens with added herbs).
Chick Starter Crumb with coccidiostat (19.5% protein for chicks up to 16 weeks old) Premium Wild Bird Mix Versele-Laga Parakeet Mix Natural Dog Food Allen & Page Fast Fibre
Growers Pellets with coccidiostat  No-Mess Wild Bird Mix Versele-Laga Budgie Mix 50/50 Chudleys Dengie Hi-Fi
Layers Pellets (16% protein) Peanuts Versele-Laga Budgie Mix Masters Honeychop
Organic Layers Pellets (16% protein) Sunflower Hearts Versele-Laga Canary Seed Gilbertson & Page Dr John’s Graze-On
Layers Pellets (with and without Verm-X) Sunflower Striped & Black Versele-Laga Tropical Finch Mix Skinners Field & Trial Pegasus Cubes
Layers Meal Niger Seed Millet Sprays Bearts Old Peter Equi-Glo
Garden Blend Fat Balls Cuttlefish Dog Treats
Whole Wheat
Top Corn Alpacas & Llamas Supplements
Organic Mixed Corn Camelibra Hay
Chicken Treat Mix Poultry:  Oyster Shell
Duck Crumb Mixed Grit
 Duck & Goose Mixture Fine Grit
Rockies Baby Red/Yellow Salt Licks/Blocks

We also supply other animal feed, from rabbits and guinea-pigs, to fish, sheep, and alpacas! If we don’t have it in stock, we will try our best to supply what you need.

 Animal Feed : Two Pots Farm