Silver Spangled Hamburghs For Sale

Silver Spangled Hamburghs For Sale

Silver Spangled Hamburghs: Newly Hatched Pure Breeds

Silver Spangled Hamburgh chickens for saleSilver Spangled Hamburgh chickens for saleIn addition to our new stock of Gold Partridge Dutch bantams, we also have some new pure breed Silver Spangled Hamburgh chickens for sale.

We have a few Hamburgh chicks of various ages that are ready for new homes. Please contact us on 01954 210268 or 07836 587050 if you are interested in having your own pure breed Hamburghs.

With their black and white spots, Silver Spangled Hamburghs are very attractive birds that produce white/tinted eggs. They’re excellent layers (please note that I resisted the temptation to write ‘eggcellent‘ – you’re welcome 😄) and while the breed are not known to be particularly good sitters, ours do go broody. 

We appreciate that most people prefer to have hens rather than cockerels and we will make every effort to provide you the sex of chickens that you want, but young chickens cannot be accurately sexed. Consequently, we -like everyone else- do not guarantee the sex of young chicks, so please bear that in mind.

If you do specifically want a cockerel (maybe you want to start breeding your own Hamburghs) we are likely to have some available.

Poultry Housing

Portable coop with integral run : Lynford Plus
Pest Control Manager not included.

If you’re looking for a house for your new Hamburgh additions, we do have a good selection of chicken coops available to view. Coops with integral runs are very popular and we do have some models that are fitted with wheels, for portability.

The Lynford Plus model is a mobile chicken coop that can hold up to three standard birds. With the Lynford, if you want to give the birds more room without free-ranging them, there is a run extension available.

Don’t forget, we also supply food, bedding, and mite control products – the same products that we use here on the farm. 

If you’re interested in the Silver Splangled Hamburgh chicks or just want to talk to us about buying a chicken coop, please call us on 01954 210268 or 07836 587050

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  1. Paul

    Hi! I’m looking to buy a couple of young chickens, not to fussed about a fancy breed, just looking for company for our lonely chicken as her partner died a couple of days ago. We live in Hemingford grey.



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